Black Women Buying More Guns

Liberals would want you to believe that since the election of Donald Trump to the White House that gun sales have dropped. Some early reports may have supported that notion, but more recent reports indicate that in many areas of the nation, gun sales are not only up, but are on pace to set new record highs. Liberals would also have you believe that most guns are bought by white males, but that’s not true either. Gun sales by white women have been increasing. Gun sales by black Americans have also been increasing and to the surprise of many, leading the way are black American women. It seems that more and more of them are buying guns than ever before, generally for self-defense, as black on black violence has been escalating nationwide.

During the Obama era gun ownership in America exploded to new, never-before-seen levels. Americans acquired guns and concealed carry permits by the truckload, driven by concerns that Obama and his Democrat cronies would do everything they could to undermine the 2nd Amendment and make it harder for Americans to defend themselves. While Leftists Democrats tried hard to enact new more stringent gun laws, the American people were able to stop them from doing so and they quickly handed the reins of power back to the 2nd Amendment defending GOP.

Now that the GOP is in charge the rate of new licenses has slowed, and the rate of purchase of new firearms has also decreased. However, there are a few subgroups who are picking up the gun sales and licensing slack, namely minorities.

Perhaps the Democrats use of “identity politics” has worked too well, and some minority groups actually worry that the GOP will “target” them in the coming days. Sure, there is no evidence of this whatsoever, but the Democrats have been fearmongering about it for a while so some minority Americans may actually believe it could happen…

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The increase in black American women buying guns presents another problem for liberals. They want everyone to believe that all black Americans are liberal Democrats and that all liberal Democrats are against gun. However, if more black Americans, especially black American women are buying guns, that shoots a pretty big hole in the Democrat’s argument they use to help push for more gun control.




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