Black Racist News Writer Goes TOO Far, Should be Fired Over Sexist Tweet

What do you think would happen if a conservative Republican new writer referred to a female married Democrat who is the mother of three kids, a butch queen at a drag ball, based solely upon her appearance? They would be outraged and screaming the writer was guilty of a racist and sexist slur and should be immediately fired. However, when a liberal writer for a liberal agency does it, guess what happens? Nothing. Ira Madison III, writes for The Daily Beast. He has a history of making ethnic and derogatory remarks about Republicans and their families, like the one he made about then Sen. Jeff Sessions’ granddaughter who is Asian-American. The comment was made during Sessions’ Senate Attorney General Senate hearings. In Madison’s latest unprofessional tweet, he sent a photo Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the new White House Press Secretary and referred to her as a butch queen, just because she isn’t a raving beauty queen in his eyes. He horribly judged on her outward appearance instead of who she really is.

Even the “Mean Girls” weren’t this mean.

Just moments after President Trump promoted Sarah Huckabee Sanders to the role of White House press secretary, she was attacked by a swarm of woman-hating liberals.

First, the propagandists at The New York Times and MSNBC questioned Sanders’ character and called her a liar, but now journalists are attacking her physical appearance.

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Ira Madison, III, of The Daily Beast, likened Sanders to a drag queen in a hateful posting on Twitter…

Madison should be immediately fired from his current position and publicly apologize to Huckabee Sanders, along with apologizing to her husband Bryan Sanders and to her three kids. Then he should be banished from any journalistic position for the rest of his life. There is no place for this kind of filth in any form of journalism.




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