Black Lawyer Speaks Out Against Black Lives Matter

If you listen to the media and members of the racist organization known as Black Lives Matter, you would think that every black American supports the groups racist and hate-filled policies, but you would be wrong. Colion Noir is an attorney, a gun rights activist and he is speaking out for the rights of black Americans, but not in the same way as Black Lives Matter does. In fact, he slams the group for their tactics.

One of the NRA’s spokesmen, Colion Noir, is speaking out in defense of his colleague Dana Loesch and defending the NRA from the spurious attacks coming from Black Lives Matter. Noir makes a reasoned and impassioned defense of gun rights and the rights of black Americans to own guns, but already he is facing underhanded attacks from the left. It’s an important conversation to have, and Noir is a brilliant representative for our conservative cause.

Watch his monologue and then share it out:

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Transcript from NRA TV:

When the hashtag Black Lives Matter first started, I applauded the idea of bringing awareness to and repairing the dysfunctional relationship between inner-city black communities and the police…

Noir accuses Black Lives Matter as nothing more than a ‘race-baiting machine pushing the extreme liberal democratic agenda. He also exposes their racist attitudes and condemns them for how they label anything they don’t like as being white supremacists. It’s refreshing to find an educated black American with the willingness to stand up against such a radical group like Black Lives Matter.




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