Black Cop Supports Tougher Immigration Laws

We all know that Barack Obama allowed millions of illegal aliens to enter and remain in the United States. He did nothing to secure the borders, which resulted in higher crimes rates in many areas of the country and is largely responsible for the out-of-control heroin overdose epidemic that is taking the lives of hundreds of people.

When states like Arizona passed their own immigration laws to protect citizens from the illegal aliens, Obama had his Justice Department work to block them and have them declared to be unconstitutional. Whenever anyone moved to enforce federal immigration laws, Obama took steps to stop them. He spent more time and taxpayer dollars protecting illegal aliens than he did protecting American citizens.

Democrats nationwide took up the cause to protect illegal aliens and place their welfare over the welfare of Americans. They established sanctuary cities to protect illegals from being arrested and deported. In so doing, they placed American citizens in harms’ way.

The media also took up the cause of protecting illegal aliens. They portrayed anyone who wanted to enforce federal immigration laws and secure our border as being haters, bigots and racists. Since when is it wrong to want to protect your own country from a dangerous invasion? If you don’t think they are dangerous, then ask the many victims or families of victims that have been devastated by the vicious crimes committed by so many illegals.

In fact, the media would have you believe that no black American, Hispanic or any other minority would speak out against illegal aliens. The media also loves to publicize any Democrat law enforcement official who speaks out against President Donald Trump’s push to strictly enforcement federal immigration laws. They do so in such a way as make one believe that all law enforcement officials are against the Trump’s push to enforce federal immigration laws, but that’s not always the case.

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For instance, take Council Nedd II. Not only is he Co-Chairman of Project 21 Black Leadership Network, but Nedd is a duly elected Pennsylvania constable. One of the areas that Nedd works is State College, home of Penn State University and a city that has declared itself to be a sanctuary city, which Nedd finds very frustrating, as he commented:

“There’s a lot of people who well overstayed their visas, and State College, Pennsylvania, has declared itself a sanctuary city, and so, literally, I go serve the warrant on them … and then that’s essentially it – until the next time I show to serve another warrant on them. And nothing is ever done.”

This is one reason why Nedd is happy and supportive about Kate’s Law and steps Congress is taking to see that federal immigration laws are enforced. He commented:

“You shouldn’t have illegal aliens walking the streets committing crimes and basically not having to live with any consequences of their actions. We take a lot of these people off the streets [and] deport them back to where they belong. They’re obviously not going to be committing any crimes here. They’ll be back doing whatever it is they do in their own country – rather than doing on the streets of Pennsylvania.”

It’s refreshing to find a black American law enforcement officer so supportive in supporting the enforcement of federal immigration laws. In fact, Council Nedd II is one of the worst nightmares for Democrats who would have you believe that no black American or law enforcement official supports President Trump on his strict immigration laws. Nedd II gets my vote for constable!




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