Austria Using Troops to Stop Immigrants at Border

Like many other European nations, Austria was flooded with refugees and illegal immigrants from the Middle East and Africa. France and Belgium were also flooded with the same type of people and have seen an increase in crime, terrorism and the cost of supporting them. Due to the many problems created by the influx of refugees and immigrants, Austrian officials are sending troops to the border with Italy to stop them.

Austria has announced it is ready to use soldiers and tanks to stop migrants crossing its border with Italy, as Brussels urged Europe to help Italian authorities manage an “unprecedented” arrival of people from north Africa.

Austrian defence minister Hans Peter Doskozil announced that four Pandur armoured personnel carriers had been sent to the Tyrol region and 750 troops were on standby.

Speaking to the Kronen Zeitung, Doskozil said troops on the Brenner pass would be “indispensable” if large numbers of people continued to arrive in Italy from the central Mediterranean. He told the popular daily newspaper that border controls on the busy Alpine pass would be reintroduced very soon, although his office said no timetable for the measures was fixed…

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When US conservatives balked at allowing thousands of refugees and immigrants from the Middle East and Africa into the US, many European nations criticized us for not being humanitarian. However, a growing number of those same European nations, like Austria have realized their mistakes in taking the refugees and immigrants and have started taking measures to stop more from entering their countries.




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