Arkansas Wants Citizens to Choose between Medical Marijuana and Owning a Gun

Anti-gun Democrats have been using new underhanded tactics to violate the Second Amendment rights of American citizens in their attempt to disarm the nation. They don’t want anyone to be able to protect themselves from criminals who generally obtain their guns illegally. If you are allowed to own a gun, they expect you to protect yourself and your family by keeping your gun unloaded and locked away. That’s like trying to drive without a car or flying overseas without a plane. In some states, Democrats have turned to extortion tactics by demanding that couples who want to be foster parents get rid of every gun in the first or they can’t be a foster parent. This comes at time when there is a huge shortage of foster parents. In Arkansas, Democrats are turning to another extortion tactic where they are forcing people to choose between having medical marijuana or own a gun, but they can’t have both.

In another sideways attack on the 2nd Amendment, gun grabbers in Arkansas are attempting to undermine the rights of law abiding citizens by using a new (but increasing) tactic in their arsenal.

What state and local governments are doing is tying your right to bear arms, to other rights or privileges. Just a couple of days ago we told you the story of a family in Michigan who was asked by the state to foster their grandchild, the family said “yes,” and then the state said “but you’ll have to give up your 2nd Amendment rights.” Now in Arkansas comes a similar story with a 21st Century twist.

In recent years marijuana use has become far more acceptable culturally and many states are following culture and legalizing certain levels of use. This has become a sticky situation because federal law still bans the sale and use of marijuana, but more and more states are opening their doors to the popular drug. Even in states where recreational use of marijuana is still verboten we’ve seen the legalization of its use for medical purposes. Arkansas is just such a state…

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When you take a look at all of the different groups of people in the United States, which would you say is the most dangerous group? The answer is simple for me – Democrats. They have been systematically destroying America, trampling on the constitutional rights of the American people and undermining every institution and foundational morals and value our nation was founded on and what made our nation great. The only thing that really needs to be banned in the United States is liberal Democrats.




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