Another Trump Promise Kept as Arrests of Illegals Doubles

During his presidential campaign last year, Donald Trump promised that he would arrest and deport illegal aliens, unlike his predecessor. If nothing else, Trump is a man of his word and to date, the number of arrests of illegal aliens has doubled in number. This has many worried and even some have decided to go back home before being arrested and deported. No matter how they leave, willfully or against their will, they all need to be sent back to their home countries.

The media can say what they will about the President, but to argue that he isn’t doing exactly what he promised he would do during the campaign would be a lie.

The President has already repealed a large number of President Obama’s Executive Orders, he’s worked hard to bring manufacturing jobs back to the Rust Belt, he’s gotten important trade concessions from the Chinese, and perhaps most importantly he’s had a tremendous effect on the number of illegal immigrants entering the country. While, there have been few policy changes on immigration thus far during the Trump era, there has been a major slowdown in the number of migrants entering the country.

Over the last few months we’ve documented the monumental sea change in illegal immigration that has already happened over the last few months – see herehere, and here

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In the wake of more arrests and deportations of illegals, officials report that the number of illegals apprehended trying to enter the country illegally has dropped nearly 60% from what it was a year ago. Word is getting out that America is no longer welcoming illegals with open arms like the Obama administration did, but their chances of being arrested, detained and deported are higher than they’ve been in the past 8 years.




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