America’s Racial Divide Governs Outcome of Murder Trials

Over 50-years ago, Martin Luther King Jr., marched, protested, worked hard for and died to end racism and segregation in America. Like him or not, he accomplished a great deal of progress towards his goal. Many laws were passed to end racial segregation in schools, buses, businesses and everywhere. His efforts led many black Americans to break the long held stereotypical social constraints, to achieve an education, build businesses, get better paying jobs and win political elections. In many ways, America was well on its way to an integrated nation.

Then a half-white, half-black socialist activist decided to run for the White House and stir up more racial hatred and division than Martin Luther King Jr., ever saw. Barack Obama empowered black activists to become aggressive, violent, intolerant, demanding and more. Organizations like the New Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter became sounding platforms to fuel the fires of racial hatred. In less than 8 short years, Obama put America back over 100 years on the issue of race, only now, many blacks have the attitude that they no longer have to comply by the laws or with law enforcement. In essence, Obama created a nation driven by racial anarchy and lawlessness. After all, how many laws did Obama personally violate while in office, and yes, he did lead by example.

The results of Obama’s racial crusade against whites has resulted in a judicial system that is near impossible for anyone to get a fair trial if the case involves whites, Hispanics and black Americans.

For example, look at the case of Ferguson, Missouri Police Officer Darren Wilson. He received a call about a robbery and assault by a teenager, described as being black, well over 6-foot-tall and large body. Not long after, he saw a youth who fit the description, including the clothes he was wearing. He tried to stop the youth to question him, but the youth resisted. While Wilson was still in his patrol car, the youth physically attacked him. His blows to Wilson were so severe that Wilson’s eye socket was fractured. Fearing for his life, Wilson drew his gun, at which time the youth tried reaching for the gun to take it away from Wilson. Wilson ended up shooting the youth, Michael Brown in the head, killing him. What happened? The black community rioted, destroyed businesses and personal property of complete strangers. Even Obama and then Attorney General Eric Holder verbally accused Wilson of murder and the DOJ investigated the shooting. In the end, Wilson was exonerated of any wrong, but that was unacceptable to the black community and there was more violence.

Most recently is the case of University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing. During a traffic stop that went bad because Sam DuBose, a black American, refused to comply with Tensing’s orders. Du Bose ended being shot by Tensing, a white campus cop. Again, the black community erupted in protest, forcing Tensing to face murder charges. His first trial ended with a hung jury, forcing the judge to call a mistrial. The black community was outraged and Tensing was retried on the charge of murder.

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Both the prosecutor and defense lawyer worked together to select a jury that reflected the racial makeup of the county. They ended up with 3 black Americans and the rest white Americans. Once again, the jury ended in a deadlock with all 3 black Americans and 1 white voting to convict and 8 white American jurors voting to acquit. The judge again was forced to call a mistrial.

However, the black community in Cincinnati is still outraged and demanding that Tensing be tried again and again and again until he is found guilty. They will not accept any other verdict and it’s entirely based upon the issue of race – Tensing is white and DuBose was black.

It seems that it’s impossible for anyone, white or black, to get a fair trial if defendant and victim are of different skin color or if the jury is integrated with both ethnic groups represented. Thank you, Obama, for destroying America’s judicial system!



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