What Is America’s Biggest Problem?

If you were asked what you thought was the biggest problem or greatest concern facing our nation, how would you respond?

Rasmussen Reports asked likely voters the following question:

“Think about the problems facing the nation. Which concerns you most?”

What do you think most voters said was the biggest problem that concerns them the most? There were six topics that comprised 96% of the responses given by likely voters. How would you rate the follow six categories by the biggest problem first to the least important?

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___ Economy

___ Illegal Immigration

___ National Security

___ Obamacare

___ Taxes & Spending

___ Trump – Russia Ties

Illegal immigration was listed as the greatest problem facing our nation by 7% of likely voters. Evidently, building a border wall and deporting the 15-20 million illegal aliens in the nation is not as much of a concern to voters as once thought.

National Security came in fifth with 14% saying this was the biggest problem facing America. The way so many have protested President Trump’s efforts to increase national security with the temporary ban on refugees and immigrants from the 6 nations identified by the Obama administration as being the greatest sources of terrorists, it’s no surprise that so few see national security as a major concern.

Taxes and spending finished 4th, barely edging out national security with 15%. Many believe they pay too much in taxes and that the federal government spends too much money on too many frivolous things.

Obamacare barely beat out taxes and spending by getting 16% of the responses. While many polls are trying to indicate that Obamacare is more popular now than ever, it seems that 16% of likely voters see Obamacare as the biggest problem facing the nation. It’s probably due to the ample media coverage of the Republican efforts to replace Obamacare with something better, plus the thought that if Republicans continue to fail, they know their existing premiums will go up or be dropped.

Economy was the second biggest problem according to likely voters, with 18% of the responses. Even though a number of reports have indicated that the economy is improving, it’s still a big concern to many voters.

Coming in as the biggest problem facing the nation at the moment (26%) was the issue of any ties or collusion between the Trump administration and Russia.

According to Rasmussen Reports:

“Even among Democrats, only 40% view the possible Trump-Russia connection as their number one concern, although that view is shared by just 13% of Republicans and 25% of voters not affiliated with either major party. Next in line for Democrats are Obamacare (18%) and the economy (17%).”

“Twenty-three percent (23%) of GOP voters are most concerned about national security and the war on terror, making that their number one worry, closely followed by taxes and spending (20%) and the economy (18%).”

“For unaffiliated voters, Russia is their number one worry. Second is the economy, most important to 19%, and Obamacare (17%)…”

“Most voters (52%) who Strongly Disapprove of the job Trump is doing as president consider Russia the biggest problem facing the nation. Just one percent (1%) of those who Strongly Approve of Trump’s job performance agree. Among the latter voters, 24% see taxes and spending as the biggest concern.”

It’s obvious that any Trump – Russia connection is of greater concern to Democrats than to Republicans. Regardless, the poll should send a message to the Trump administration that they need to do whatever it takes to bring the whole Trump – Russia allegations to a speedy conclusion. If guilty, then admit it and move on. If innocent, then prove it quickly and move on to the other issues of concern by American voters, namely the economy, Obamacare and so on.



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