America Needs a New 4th of July

Today is July 4, the day we celebrate our declaration of independence from Great Britain. Many will celebrate with picnics and barbecues followed by fireworks, but on July 4, 1776, there was no big celebration. From what little we know of that day, it was one filled with much debate, tension and trepidation, like what we see in many aspects of today’s America.

The delegates from all thirteen states (they were no longer colonies, but states), gathered in the Pennsylvania State House. According to notes kept by Thomas Jefferson, it was 68 degrees in the room at 6am and 73 ½ degrees at 9pm. Jefferson took notes on the debate.

Most agreed that they should declare independence from Great Britain for a variety of reasons, but not everyone was sure it was the right time or that they were ready to risk everything they had for the sake of independence. To vote for independence and sign their name to such a document automatically made them traitors to the British Crown.

As traitors, they were subject to arrest, beatings and imprisonment. In some cases, the British would confiscate all of a traitor’s possessions – home, business, savings, land – everything. The British also hanged traitors. Each delegate had to consider what they were risking. It wasn’t an easy decision for some. For others, there was no hesitation that the cause of freedom and independence was worth the risk.

Before the day was through, Jefferson had penned a finalized copy of the Declaration of Independence that all of the delegates had agreed to. One by one, they stepped up, bent down and signed their names.

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There was no fanfare, celebration or fireworks. After the signing, some of the delegates headed home and others prepared to join the war with Great Britain that was already waging. Some went home to tell their wives and children what they had done and for their safety they were leaving home for an indefinite period of time.

Is it time for another revolution and a new declaration of independence? I’m not speaking about independence from Great Britain, but an independence from ourselves, or should I say from the liberals and perverts who are controlling our nation and culture.

Two Hundred and forty-one years ago, America was under the tyrannical control of Great Britain. Today, we are under the tyrannical control of liberals, progressives, socialists and perverts. Republicans may have the majority of seats in both the Senate and House, and they hold the White House, but that does not mean they have control of the nation.

Look at the media, entertainment, social networking, public schools, colleges and courts and you will see that none of them are controlled by conservatives that hold to the traditional values, morals and ethics that America was founded upon. Same-sex marriage and LGBT rights have all but destroyed the institutions of marriage and family. Socialism, atheism and globalism dominate and control the public schools and colleges. Liberalism has permeated many of America’s churches to the point that they bow to the whims of degenerate mankind and have abandoned the Word of God.

Liberals, progressives, socialists and perverts have turned much of American society against law enforcement, decency, conservativism, American patriotism, capitalism, free enterprise and everything that made America great.

On this Fourth of July, ask yourself if this is the America our Founding Fathers were willing to sacrifice everything to create? If the answer is no, which it should be, then I suggest it’s time for a new revolution and a new declaration of independence and take America back from the destructive hands of liberals, progressives, socialists and perverts.



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