Alaska Conducting Missile Defense Tests Due to North Korean Threat

Over the past couple of years, North Korea’s immature power-insane leader Kim Jong-un has been threatening nuclear war with the United States. While many in his nation are starving in the face of a severe drought that has lasted for well over 10 years, Kim has spent tons of money developing and testing one missile after another. He also continues to process the nuclear materials necessary to build nuclear warheads for his missiles. In the past few months, the North Korean technology has continued to improve to the point that many military experts believe he now has the capability of launching a missile that has the capability to reach the western most regions of the United States. The west coast of Alaska is just over 3,000 miles from North Korea. Hawaii is about 3,500 miles from North Korea and the west coast of California is about 6,500 miles away. Currently, it’s believe that the maximum range of North Korea’s intercontinental ballistic missiles is only about 6,000 miles. In preparation for any possible attack, the US and Alaskan officials are conducting a series of missile defense tests in hopes of being able to stop anything North Korea sends their way.

The people of Alaska are taking the threats made by North Korea’s Kim Jong Un quite seriously, as evidenced by a series of missile defense tests.

Kim, who is currently at the helm of the hermit kingdom, has vowed on several occasions to wipe America off of the map through the use of his purported atomic arsenal.  While skeptics still believe that North Korea is years away from achieving a level of technology that can back up these threats, the people of Alaska have been forced to take Kim seriously.  Given that the latest missile launch out of the DPRK was estimated to be capable of 6,000-mile flights, the northern and western most state in the Union has plenty to be concerned about.

That’s why the U.S. military is taking action in the near-arctic to ready our nation’s missile defenses...

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Hawaii has also been taking precautions in case they are the target of an attack from the renegade nation. President Donald Trump says he is open to talks with Kim Jong-un, but very few think that will ever happen. Frankly, as paranoid as Kim is of being assassinated, he will probably never leave North Korea and it would be a huge mistake for Trump to travel there with the chance of being held hostage or killed.



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