Airline Laptop Ban Lifted

Terrorists have been resorting to all kinds of ways to smuggle explosives onto airplanes. They’ve hidden them in their shoes and one poor sap tried hiding his explosives in his underwear. They’ve hidden explosives in luggage and carry-on bags, which is why many of the security measures have been instituted at American and international airports. After intelligence reports indicated the possibility of terrorists using laptops, tablets or other similar electronic devises to bring down an airplane full of people, the Department of Homeland Security placed a temporary ban on the use of all laptops, tablets and other electronic devices while in flight. After announcing that new security measure have been put in place, DHS has announced they have lifted the ban on the use of laptops, tablets and other devices.

New security measures added at international airports now allow laptop computers, tablets and other large electronic devices in the cabins of flights to the United States, the Department of Homeland Security announced Thursday.

The federal agency that oversees airline security declined to detail the new security measures but confirmed that the precautions came in response to threats that terrorists were working on ways to hide explosives in laptops or other electronic devices.

“This quick and decisive action taken by airlines, nations and stakeholders are a testament to our shared commitment to raising the bar on global aviation security,” Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said in a statement…

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It’s mind-boggling how Democrats continue to fight most of President Trump’s and his administration’s efforts to protect the American people and the country in general. They are fighting Trump on the border wall, enforcing federal immigration laws and the temporary travel ban from countries that the Obama administration had previously identified. Democrats don’t care about YOUR safety or the safety of YOUR family. All they care about is their liberal agenda which is determined to destroy America. Why would anyone every vote for them is beyond comprehension.




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