2 Liberal Judges Stop Trump Again!

It’s sad day in America when liberal judges rule on agenda instead of ruling on law and when they assume to have more authority than the President and his Cabinet members, and yes, it happened again. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt had issued a 90-day suspension to one of Obama’s regulations, but two judges in the ultra-liberal US Court of Appeals for District of Columbia sided to block Pruitt’s action.

An appeals court Monday struck down the Environmental Protection Agency’s 90-day suspension of new emission standards on oil and gas wells, a decision that could set back the Trump administration’s broad legal strategy for rolling back Obama-era rules.

In a 2-to-1 ruling, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit concluded that the EPA had the right to reconsider a 2016 rule limiting methane and smog-forming pollutants emitted by oil and gas wells but could not delay the effective date while it sought to rewrite the regulation.

The agency has proposed extending the initial delay to two years; the court will hold a hearing on that suspension separately…

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Can you imagine what would have happened when Obama was in the White House is conservative judges would have blocked many of his orders, rules and regulations? The Democrats would have been screaming foul and Obama would have not cared and done it anyway, because he never cared for the laws of the land anyway. I hope the Trump administration is taking the names of all of these liberal judges and work to remove them all from the bench and replace them with judges who will rule on law, not agenda.




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