17 MS-13 Gang Members Arrested for Murders

The MS-13 grew exponentially during the 8-years of Barack Obama’s reign of terror. His open border policy and refusal to enforce federal immigration laws allowed hundreds of Central and South American violent gang members to enter and stay in the United States where they have been terrorizing the American people ever since. Over the past year, Long Island police have linked the violent gang to at least 5 murders, some which the victims were hacked to death with knives and machetes. Suffolk County Police Commissioner Timothy Sini said that the gang murder of two teenaged girls was the most brutal he has ever seen in his career, which is why he was so happy to announce the arrest of 17 members of the gangs.

Suffolk County police commissioner Timothy Sini said the MS-13 gang was dealt a “huge blow” by the recent arrests of 17 individuals in connection with a string of murders in Long Island, New York.

Six of those arrested are juveniles, Sini announced, and the arrests were in connection with five murders this year.

One of the murders made national headlines in April. Four men were lured to a park in Central Islip, N.Y., by two teenage girls and then ambushed with knives, machetes and clubs by a group of MS-13 members…

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Unfortunately, under liberal Democratic rule, New York abolished the death penalty in 2007, which means that New York taxpayers will spend over $1 million if these gang members receive life sentences for the murders they committed. The other problem is that these gang members wear their murder convictions as badges of honor in prison, where they continue their brutal carnage on fellow prisoners. It would be a lot cheaper, easier to control the prison population and more humane to execute them for their crimes, but liberals think it’s more humane to keep them alive for years and years at taxpayer expense.




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