14-Year-Old Hillary Fan Demands School Provide Free Tampons

A horrifying glimpse of what America would be like under a Hillary Clinton presidency came to light in Mercer Island, Washington. Yet, it should be no surprise when one considers the political atmosphere of the area and the socialist education that run rampant in many of America’s public schools.

Mercer Island is a city of about 22,000 people located on Mercer Island which sets in the southern area of Lake Washington in King County, Washington. It’s only a couple of miles from downtown Seattle, the heart of liberalism and socialism in the Pacific Northwest. In the 2016 election, King County voted heavily for Hillary Clinton (72.1%) over Donald Trump (21.7%). Democrats have a very narrow and tenuous majority in the state’s legislature. In the House, Democrats hold 50 seats to 48 for Republicans. In the Senate, Democrats and Republicans both hold 24 seats with 1 Independent who generally sides with the Democrats. Even though the state legislature is narrowly divided, most of the legislation that comes out of it is very liberal and anti-conservative, anti-Constitution, anti-Second Amendment, pro-illegal alien and socialistic in nature. The state’s governor is Jay Inslee, a flaming liberal Democrat.

So, is it any wonder that a 14-year-old middle school student should demand that the school provide free tampons for girls?

Cordelia Longo, an eighth-grade student at Islander Middle School has launched a campaign in hopes of forcing the public-school system to provide free tampons or other forms of feminine protection for all girls. It all started when she went into a girl’s bathroom and discovered that there wasn’t sanitary napkin or tampon machine. She went to a second bathroom that did, but the machine took her dime and gave her nothing. She tried a third machine and it also took her dime and yielded nothing in return. Eventually, she discovered that she had one in her backpack.

After her experience, she decided that she would launch her free tampon campaign, saying she was inspired to do it because of Hillary Clinton. She started a petition drive and then sent a letter to school administrators. In her letter she wrote in part:

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“Why are tissues and toilet paper provided free at school, but not sanitary pads and tampons? As toilet paper and tissue are used for normal bodily functions, sanitary pads and tampons are also necessary to address normal bodily functions that happen naturally. The only difference is that only girls need pads. Girls do not choose to have periods. So, girls are being penalized and made to pay for a bodily function they cannot control.”

She told the media:

“I just didn’t want other girls to have to experience this. I just wanted to make people’s lives better – girls’ lives easier. They already have to deal with so much and this seemed like something I should fix.”

“Hillary Clinton inspired me because she kept being strong and she didn’t take any of the insults people threw at her and didn’t let it affect her.”

“It inspired me in a way that I can’t really describe. I realized even if I didn’t succeed in getting equal rights for men and women, that I had tried and all that mattered was that I tried my hardest to get equal access to education.”

Longo put together baskets containing tampons for other girls and put notes with Hillary Clinton quotes. One such quote used was:

Women’s rights are human rights. Human rights are women’s rights.”

There are a lot of things that are out of our control, but we don’t expect taxpayers to pay for everything. It’s out of our control that boys need cup protection for many sports and physical activities, but we don’t demand that the school provide free jock straps. It’s out of our control that girls begin to develop breasts, but we don’t demand the schools provide free bras.

Does Longo expect every employer she ever works for to also provide free tampons and napkins, just because women can’t control that part of their lives? She’s got a lesson in reality coming to her in the future. At some point in their education, students need to be taught personal responsibility, whether they like it or not.

But that’s the problem with socialists like Hillary Clinton, they want everyone to rely on the government for everything so the government can control the people. That’s Socialism 101 and that’s the America so many ignorant Democrats are pushing for. However, once they get it, they’ll regret it just like millions of others have in other socialist run nations.



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