Zinke to Cut 4,000 Interior Department Jobs

Over the past 50 years, the federal government has grown out of control. Compared to a human body, the government would best be described as beyond morbidly or even grotesquely, obese, meaning that it needs to drastically reduce in size if it plans on living much longer. How does one go about doing that? It has to start with major cuts in spending and then major cuts in the federal workforce and that is what Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is planning on doing.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke told lawmakers Wednesday that he plans to shrink his department’s sprawling workforce by 4,000 employees — about 8 percent of the full-time staff — as part of budget cuts to downsize the government’s largest public lands agency.

Zinke, testifying before a Senate panel on the White House’s proposed budget for Interior for the next fiscal year, said he would rely on a combination of attrition, reassignments and buyouts to make the cuts. Depending on how fast and effective those strategies work, the department “will determine the need for further action to reduce staffing,” he said in prepared testimony, a reference to possible layoffs.

In back-to-back hearings Tuesday and Wednesday in which he defended the White House’s plan to slash his department’s budget by 13.4 percent, Zinke offered no additional details on whether the cuts will be concentrated in some offices or spread across Interior’s nine agencies — or whether he hopes to make them over a year or a longer period…

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Zinke’s cut may only be 8% of the full-time staff of the Interior Department, but since the average federal salary and compensation is around $123,000 a year, cutting 4,000 jobs will save taxpayers about $492 million a year. Imagine if every government department and agency would make similar cuts. It would save taxpayers billions of dollars and while helping to trim the fat from the grotesquely obese federal government.




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