How Young are Some ISIS Murderers?

ISIS extremists place no value on human life. They kill for the sure pleasure and shock value of killing and they are training kids as young as 8-years old to kill prisoners without blinking an eye. This should not be too much of a surprise since the Taliban and al-Qaeda also used kids to carry out attacks against US forces fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A chilling new ISIS execution video shows brainwashed children as young as 8 being forced to shoot prisoners in the head.

Footage shows the two boys, both dressed in black and armed with handguns, standing behind two captives in Afghanistan.

The pair aggressively pull back the heads of the captives who they brand as “spies” before the younger of the two starts ranting at the camera.

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They then point their guns at the back of their prisoner’s heads and carry out the killing…

I recall a friend of mine who served in Vietnam back in the early 1970s who saw young children shooting and throwing grenades at American soldiers. The worst part was that they were ordered not to shoot children, even though the children shot at them. It’s hard to fight an enemy when you never know if the innocent looking kid welcomes your presence and rescue of if they are going to try to kill you.



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