Will Senate Republicans Compromise and Keep Obamacare Tax Hikes?

Any replacement of Obamacare will still be a nationalized socialist program being forced on the American people and will, like Obamacare, be destined to fail or bankrupt the nation. However, Republicans promised to repeal and replace our national socialist healthcare system with another. It’s now in the hands of the Senate and rumors have it that the GOP Senate plan may have to compromise and keep some or all of the 20 tax increases that were hidden in Obamacare.

Senate Republicans crafting an Obamacare replacement are delaying one of their toughest decisions: whether to keep all of the House measure’s $664 billion in tax cuts that mostly benefit well-off Americans.

The House in a bill passed May 4 voted to end taxes enacted under the Affordable Care Act, including those on investment income, expensive “Cadillac” health plans and even indoor tanning. Yet some moderate senators want to keep part of that revenue to soften the House plan’s deep health-care cuts that are estimated to leave 23 million fewer people with insurance by 2026.

Senate Republicans in private talks say they’re eyeing one easy move — keeping Obamacare and its tax increases in place until 2020 before moving to a new approach. Early fissures over the ultimate fate of the taxes were on display late last week as lawmakers prepared for their week-long Memorial Day recess…

The two best solutions to Obamacare are to either leave it alone and allow it to completely implode on itself as is happening now, or just repeal it and return the healthcare industry back to private businesses and free enterprise. History has shown that most, if not all, government run businesses are disasters that cost taxpayers bore than they have to give.

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