White House Supports No Sanctuary Criminals Act in House

Ten Republican member of the House have sponsored a bill, H.R. 3003, that would guarantee taxpayers that their tax dollars will not be used to support any state or city that harbors illegal aliens, especially criminal illegals. Some are referring to the federal bill, along with H.R. 3004 as Kate’s Laws, in honor of Kathryn Steinle who was shot and died in her father’s arms on a San Francisco pier. She was shot by an illegal with a criminal record, but released to walk the streets by San Francisco’s liberal officials.

The Administration strongly supports House passage of H.R. 3003, the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act. This bill would ensure that American taxpayers are not subsidizing States and localities that work to affirmatively thwart Federal law enforcement efforts.

For States or localities determined to be in violation of Federal law, H.R. 3003 would restrict their eligibility to receive certain Department of Justice or Department of Homeland Security grants. Instead, under this bill, those grant funds would be reallocated to States and localities that comply with Federal law. Additionally, this bill would provide for more robust detention of criminal aliens. The Administration is committed to strengthening enforcement of our Nation’s immigration laws in order to improve national security and public safety. This legislation is critical to these efforts…

It’s about time our leaders in Washington DC begin to take measures to not only protect America and secure our borders, but also to force liberal states and local leaders to enforce federal laws especially the immigration laws. Every politician at local, city, state and federal level that vote for sanctuary status and the protection of illegal aliens should be charged with federal crimes of aiding in criminal acts. Imagine if every official who voted to protect illegals faced a criminal charge for every illegal they protected? California officials would be guilty of millions of criminal charges and should therefore spend the rest of their days in prison for their crimes.

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