How Do Voters View Media Treatment of Trump?

For several decades, the majority of the mainstream media has left true journalism to become the propaganda arm of the left-wing socialist Democratic Party.

In 1992, then Vice President Dan Quayle was visiting a New Jersey school during the sixth-grade spelling bee. One of the boys wrote the word ‘potato’ on the blackboard and Quayle corrected the boy and told him to add an ‘e’ at the end. The media treated him as if he was a complete incompetent moron who never made it out of the first grade. The media attack virtually killed Quayle’s political career. The spelling of potatoe, while not very common, existed for almost the entire 20th century. As an example, the New York Times was still occasionally spelling potato with an –e in 1988.

Yet, a few short years later, then President Bill Clinton made his infamous statement ‘It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.’ This was in response to his being asked about having sex of any kind, in any manner, shape or form with Monica Lewinski. Clinton went on to explain that if ‘is’ was defined as ‘never have been’ that was one thing, but if ‘is’ was defined as currently, then the statement Robert Bennett said to Judge Susan Webber Wright was accurate. During the investigation, it was revealed that Clinton and Lewinski did have oral sex in the Oval Office, and the same mainstream media that crucified Quayle, totally excused Clinton’s adulterous actions.

During Barack Obama’s 8-year Reign-of-Terror, he openly violated the US Constitution many times. Obama illegally by-passed Congress in changing laws they had passed without their approval. He refused to enforce some federal laws and even order the Justice Department to not enforce a federal law marriage, simply because Obama disagreed with it. Obama aided sworn enemies of the United States, against the wishes of Congress, and yet nothing happened to him nor did the press ever criminalize him as they should have. Never in the history of America has there been more corrupt and lawless president and administration than Obama and his disciples, and yet, the media continued to treat him as if he was some kind of deity that could walk on water.

This past year saw the media praise and support Hillary Clinton, although she violated federal laws, committed perjury, abused her office when Secretary of State and repeatedly lied to Congress, the courts and the American people.

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The media even somewhat supported a self-professed socialist – Bernie Sanders and would have preferred to see Sanders win the White House than Donald Trump.

From the moment Trump announced his intention of running for president, the media went after him as if he was the world’s worst criminal. It seems that nothing Trump said or did that was positive, was reported honestly and fairly by the mainstream media. Even after 6 months in office, the media continues to report everything negative and nasty they can about President Trump. If he accomplishes something good, the media twists it into something ugly and negative simply because they cannot bring themselves to be honest and unbiased, which is what journalism is all about or supposed to be about.

So how do American voters feel about the treatment Trump has been receiving from the media?

According to a recent poll:

“A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that only 34% of Likely U.S. Voters rate the media coverage of the president as good or excellent. Forty-four percent (44%) describe the coverage of Trump as poor. Both findings are up slightly from January just before Trump took office and are consistent with views of the media coverage of last year’s Clinton. vs. Trump presidential campaign. (To see survey question wording, click here.)”

“Fifty percent (50%) think most reporters are biased against the president, up two points from January. Just four percent (4%) think most reporters are biased in Trump’s favor, a 12-point drop from the previous survey. Forty percent (40%) think the majority of reporters try to be fair and balanced, up from 31%.”

“Given the president’s testy relationship with the media, however, it’s not surprising that 76% of Republicans and 51% of voters not affiliated with either major political party believe most reporters are biased against the president, a view shared by only 24% of Democrats. Sixty-eight percent (68%) of GOP voters and a plurality (45%) of unaffiliateds think the media coverage of Trump is poor, but 49% of Democrats rate it as good or excellent.”

“But critics of the coverage of the president think the owners of news organizations also are to blame. Fifty-seven percent (57%) of all voters say most media owners influence the news coverage generated by their reporters. Only 27% believe they allow that coverage to be fair and balanced. Sixteen percent (16%) are undecided.”

Unfortunately, I have to watch some of the mainstream media news reports and from everything I’ve seen, the vast majority of them are extremely biased against Trump and everything he does. At times, watching some of the major networks’ news anchors, you can see the venomous hatred they have for anything good and conservative, especially Donald Trump. When they interview a conservative, they continually interrupt and rarely allow the guest to answer a question before they are attacking with another one. Yet, when they have a liberal on their news, they politely listen and allow them to answer the courteous questions being asked. The difference in the treatment of how they deal with liberals and conservatives is like watching the two facets of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.


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