What Do Voters Really Think About Trump’s Travel Ban?

President Donald Trump issued an executive order to ban travel, including immigration and refugees, from seven countries ruled by Muslims and known to produce the greatest number of terrorists. A liberal judge decided that he had more authority and power than the President of the United States and stopped Trump’s ban, not on rule of law, but on his own personal liberal agenda. It was obvious that the liberal judge cared nothing about national security or the safety and welfare of the American people.

With help from legal experts, Trump re-wrote his executive order and this time only singled out six nations ruled by Muslims and known to produce a sufficient number of terrorists. Once again, a panel of liberal judges assumed dictatorial powers and stopped the President’s second executive order. They claimed it was religious discrimination and not a matter of national security. It’s ironic that the list of nations Trump singled out was compiled by the Obama administration as being terrorist producing nations, but that didn’t matter, neither did national security or the safety and welfare of the American people. Sadly, far too many judges believe they are supreme rulers of the nation and that they can use their judicial positions to mandate their liberal agenda, regardless of what the law really says.

If you watch and listen to the mainstream media and congressional Democrats, you believe that everyone in the United States is against President Trump’s travel ban. The news has been filled with images and reports of one protest after another and the sad, sob stories of families split apart by Trump’s efforts to secure our nation and make it safer.

I recall seeing an interview with a person who had come to the US from Libya who was all concerned that her family would not be allowed to join her here in America. Another interview was with a Syrian couple who feared their relatives still in Syria would not be allowed to come to the US and that they would be killed in Syria.

Yes, the news was filled with one sad story after another, but where are the interviews with people who believed President Trump was doing the right thing and trying to make America safer from terrorism? Where were the interviews with the relatives of victims of the San Bernardino terrorist attack? That was conducted by a terrorist that the Obama administration had supposedly vetted before being allowed to enter the US. Once here, she joined her husband in carrying out an act of terrorism that left 14 people dead and 22 others wounded.

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The mainstream media today is nothing more than the advertising arm of the liberal and anti-American Democratic Party. Every day, they spew liberal and socialist propaganda. If they do report on anything about conservatives, they generally twist the truth in such a way as to ridicule and mock it.

So how do voters really feel about President’s travel ban?

In a recent poll, 50% of likely voters favored Trump’s travel ban while only 41% were opposed to it.

Most critics of President Trump’s travel ban, including the liberal judges, say it’s all about a ban on Muslims and has nothing to do with national security or stopping terrorism. However, the same poll revealed that 52% of likely voters believe the travel ban is about keeping terrorists out of the country, not just Muslims. Only 39% of those polled said they believe it about stopping Muslims and not terrorists.

When asked what they believe the Supreme Court will do about Trump’s travel ban, 50% said they believe the high court will uphold the ban and rule in Trump’s favor. Only 40% said they believe the Supreme Court will uphold the block of the travel ban, preventing it from every being imposed.

Lesson learned is that you cannot trust the mainstream media or Democrats to tell the truth about anything. You cannot trust them on accuracy, truth or reporting both sides of any issue with any honesty and integrity.



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