VA Still Not Treating Veterans Like They Deserve

During the Obama reign of terror, it was revealed that the Department of Veteran Affairs was in shambles and that many veterans were dying before they could see a doctor or receive the care they deserved. VA Secretary David Shulkin, appointed by President Trump says the department is still in serious condition, but that improvements are being made, but they have been slow.

The head of Veteran Affairs on Wednesday candidly assessed the “chronic problems” facing U.S. vets, including barriers to quality health care, rampant drug addiction and a staggering 1,500 disciplinary actions brought against the federal employees charged with ensuring their well-being.

“The only way to fix the issues is to come out and talk about what those problems are,” VA Secretary David Shulkin said. “There is still a lot of work to do.”

Shulkin made the rare, on-camera appearance in the White House briefing room as calls for more transparency at the beleaguered agency grows…

I understand that sometimes it’s hard to change the bureaucracy, however, our men and women who have sacrificed to serve our nation should be getting the highest priority and best treatment for their medical needs as promised by Congress and when they enlisted or were drafted. They deserve better healthcare than members of Congress and I would say that until the VA is cleaned up and starts caring for our veterans, that healthcare benefits should be withheld from members of Congress and Trump’s Cabinet. That would surely get the improvements accomplished much faster.

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