University of Michigan’s Discriminatory Socialist Tuition Program

If you live in Michigan, make $66,000 a year and look forward to sending your kid(s) to the University of Michigan, the school just ‘screwed’ you over, pardon my bluntness.

The university has announced that they will offer free tuition to any student whose family earns $65,000 a year or less starting in January 2018. If your family makes $66,000 a year, no free tuition. Imagine how families making just over the limit will feel? Discriminated against, I hope.

The report said that about 20% of the freshman in 2016, had family incomes of $75,000 a year or less. They didn’t say how many had $65,000 a year or less; so, in a way, they are comparing apples to oranges instead of apples to apples.

They figure a four-year degree for instate residents will cost about $60,000 just for tuition. The move is expected to cost the university around $12 million to $16 million a year. And guess who is going to pay that cost?

Along with the announcement of free tuition, the university announced a 2.9% increase for in-state tuition, raising it to $14,826 a year and an increase of 4.5% for out-of-state students, raising their tuition to $47,476 a year. Graduate students will also see an increase in tuition of 4.1%.

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Mind you, these figures and the free offer is for tuition only, and does not cover class and lab fees, books and supplies; and it only applies to students attending the Ann Arbor campus, not the University of Michigan campuses in Flint or Dearborn.

Not everyone on the Board of Regents voted for the free tuition program. One Regent, Andrea Fischer Newman, voted against it because she believes it will still leave many students struggling to pay for their college education, especially at the higher tuition prices. She told the media:

“There’s still going to be many families, especially middle-class families, priced out of the University of Michigan.”

Regent Chairman Mark Bernstein commented on the free tuition offer, saying:

“The Go Blue Guarantee is a big win for Michigan families that want a better future, and it honors students who have worked hard to achieve their dreams. In short, we are doing the job that Lansing and Washington have failed to do.”

“Today, we honor our promise to make college more affordable for families that need the most help. We’re doing this without taking away any need-based financial aid from any family. In fact, many in-state students from families earning up to $125,000 a year are awarded scholarships and grants that pay half their tuition.”

“This is a transformative moment in the history of the University of Michigan —  our state and nation is watching us.”

In other words, it’s a Democratic socialist plan based on the belief that everyone should have the ability to attend college at the expense of others. However, notice that their plan does not include everyone and will exclude many families making just over the $65,000 a year mark who are still struggling to provide a roof over their heads, food, clothing and healthcare insurance.

When I was growing up, if you wanted to go to college, you worked hard and either earned a scholarship or paid for it yourself (or by your parents). In my case, I worked and went to college at the same time. If you didn’t have a scholarship and neither you nor your parents could afford college, then you either joined the military or found a job and began working for the rest of your life. That was the accept way of doing things. It was up the individual or their family to find a way to make college accessible, not up to society.

Democrats want to give everything to everyone who doesn’t work for it, and then pay for it by taking the money from those who do work hard for their money. Folks – this is SOCIALISM, clear and simple and it’s not the American way and should never become the American way.


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