Trump’s Turn to Transform Judicial System

Barack Obama appointed over 200 liberals to various judgeships, during his 8 years in office. Those liberal judges have had a tremendous negative impact on the American judicial and political systems. Many have been guilty of ruling on agenda rather than ruling on law and the Constitution. Now it’s President Trump’s turn to transform the courts back to a system of ruling on law instead of on agenda as he begins with a list of nominations.

Whether former President Barack Obama transformed the country is an open question – but there’s no question he transformed the federal courts.

For example, in the federal appeals courts, one level below the Supreme Court, Obama named about one-third of all judges presently sitting.

Now it’s Donald Trump’s turn to transform the courts. With more than 120 openings on the federal bench, the White House has just announced a slate of 11 new judicial nominees…

What many people don’t realize is that according to the Constitution, federal judges are NOT appointed for life. It says they will serve in ‘good behavior’ and judges who rule on agenda instead of law are not in good behavior and therefore should be removed from the bench and replaced with someone who does respect the law and the Constitution.

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