Trump’s Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Plan Reduces Greenhouse Gases

Liberals worldwide are condemning President Trump for pulling out of the Paris deal on climate claiming he cares nothing about the environment. However, they are dead wrong. He does care about the environment but he also cares about America, our economy and jobs. They’ll be surprised to learn that Trump’s trillion-dollar infrastructure plan not only will fix and improve America’s highways, bridges and docks, but it will create thousands of jobs, improve the economy and help cut the emission of greenhouse gases.

The past several days have been dim for those concerned about climate change. They will likely be for some time.

But on Monday, Trump announced a proposal that some industry, government and independent experts say could actually, to a modest degree, reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

It’s a rare bright spot, albeit small, for environmentalists during a presidency that’s already seen significant regulatory rollback on the issues they care about. Just don’t expect the Trump administration to trumpet that fact as it tries to sell the plan.

As part of the White House’s “infrastructure week” counter-programming to former FBI Director James B. Comey’s testimony on Thursday, Trump formally proposed spinning off the U.S. air-traffic control system to be managed by a private nonprofit corporation rather than by the federal government…

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Even though Trump’s infrastructure plan does contain some measures that will help reduce some greenhouse gases, they’ll continue to whine, stomp their feet and protest this plan and every plan he has just because they’re his. They’ll never be happy until they have regained control of America and finish their goal of destroying our nation.




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