Trump’s Controversial Tweets: Should He Stop or Keep Tweeting?

Bloomberg posted an article saying that President Donald Trump’s allies warn him that it’s time for him to stop tweeting. Many of his tweets have been controversial and provoked reactions from friends and foes. Yet, the Washington Times posted an article saying that Trump’s supporters are urging him to continue his controversial tweeting in his war against the establishment here in America and around the world.

Far from fed up with President Trump’s Twitter feed, his supporters say they would welcome more missives from their champion.

Trump tweets are proof that the inside-the-Beltway establishment — politicians, the press and political aides — have yet to tame Mr. Trump, supporters said, and if he caved to increasing calls to cool it, then he would be surrendering to the very forces he is fighting.

“He’s showing us how to win again, how to take back our country,” said Cathy Accordino, a motor sport TV producer in Bristol, Tennessee. “He’s going in the face of all these dissenting voices about his tweeting, facing them head on and saying, ‘Excuse me, we’re not going to do what you say anymore. This is what got us down the path of losing our country, letting the deep state and left-wing media take over.’”

A series of tweets in the days after the latest terrorist attack in London have redrawn the focus on Mr. Trump’s account. The president got into a spat with London’s mayor, seemed to be making new international policy toward Qatar and complicated his attorneys’ efforts to defend his travel ban executive order…

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As much as I’m a conservative and against much of mainstream and career Washington politics and all for putting America first, there are times when I believe that Trump should have kept quiet or used better discretion in his tweets and there are other times that make me cheer for his being brave enough to say what he did. What do you think President Trump should do – stop tweeting and causing so much controversy or keep tweeting and stirring up the hornet’s nest known as the establishment?





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