Trump Uses Latest London Terrorist Attacks to Push for His Travel Ban

Liberals continue to deny that anything like what has happened in Paris, Brussels, Manchester and London will ever happen here and that we do not need to take any precautions in who we let into the country. They also believed no one would dare fly a plane into the World Trade Center. After the latest attack, President Donald Trump is pointing to the mounting terrorist attacks in London as grounds to justify his travel ban for national security purposes.

President Trump responded Saturday evening to suspected terror attacks in London by vowing U.S. support and apparently using the incidents to bolster his legal argument for a travel ban into the United States.

Trump has tweeted three times since the first incident was reported on the London Bridge shortly after midnight local time.

“Fears of new terror attack after van ‘mows down 20 people’ on London Bridge …,” the president retweeted from the news aggregator…

The President of the United States has every legal and constitutional right to block or restrict travel into the United States for reasons of national security. It’s been done in the past and should be done again. Islamic extremists have promised to bring their jihad attacks to the US and to destroy the US with the desire of making us an Islamic nation. Obama tried to give them that opportunity, but fortunately, he is gone and now Trump is trying to undo all of Obama’s damage.

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