Trump Says No Tapes of Comey Conversations

After the controversy erupted in Washington DC over President Donald Trump’s firing of the FBI Director James Comey and then after Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Trump’s adversaries wanted to know if the conversations between Trump and Comey in the White House were recorded. President Trump says there are no tapes of their conversations.

President Trump chose the day that secretive Senate Republicans released their much-anticipated healthcare bill to finally end some suspense of his own making: No, he hasn’t been surreptitiously recording conversations in the White House.

In Twitter messages posted just before a scheduled White House news briefing Thursday, the president did not entirely rule out the possibility that recordings of his private conversations — with fired FBI Director James B. Comey or anyone else — exist.

But, he wrote, “I did not make, and do not have, any such recordings.” …

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Democrats are hell bent to find some reason to impeach and oust Donald Trump. they are the same Democrats who defended the many illegal acts committed by Barack Obama who are trying to find a single reason to condemn Trump. They were hoping that tapes of the conversations would be available to convict him, like the tapes did with former President Richard Nixon. Now they will undoubtedly dig deeper and even try to manufacture evidence.




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