Trump Looking to Privatize Air Traffic Control, More National Infrastructure Projects

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised to improve the nation’s infrastructure – roads, bridges, docks and waterways. His plans could cost up to $1 trillion. He also promised to look into privatizing the nation’s air traffic control system. His biggest obstacle will be finding a way to fund $1 trillion worth of infrastructure spending without a huge tax increase.

President Trump will seek to put a spotlight on his vows to privatize the nation’s air traffic control system and spur $1 trillion in new investment in roads, waterways and other infrastructure with a week-long series of events starting Monday at the White House.

The events — billed as “infrastructure week” — are part of a stepped-up effort since the president’s return a week ago from his first foreign trip to show that the White House remains focused on its agenda, despite cascading headlines about investigations into his administration’s ties to Russia.

The president has invited executives from major airlines to join him as he kicks off the week with one of his more controversial plans: spinning off the air traffic control functions of the Federal Aviation Administration to a nonprofit corporation…

As the nation focuses on the testimony of James Comey, Trump will be focusing in repairing America’s decaying infrastructure. If successful, Trump’s plan will create thousands of jobs which will spur the economy. The unemployment rate is down to a 19-year low at 4.3%, but his plan could see the unemployment rate drop below 4%.

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