Trump Keeps Promise by Announcing Plan to Turn Air Traffic Control over to Private Corporation

Air traffic controllers have one of the most stressful jobs in the nation. A dear friend worked as an air traffic controller at several airports including Chicago’s O’Hare and yes, he said it was extremely stressful trying to balance all the different flights. He believes that turning air traffic control over to a private company will save the nation billions of dollars and help reduce the delays that so many experience.

President Trump announced plans on Monday to separate air traffic control from the federal government as part of a broader push to modernize the country’s infrastructure.

The White House had already signaled support for the controversial idea, which would hand over the nation’s air navigation system to a nonprofit or nongovernmental agency.

But Trump signed formal legislative principles outlining the spin-off plan this week, putting some muscle behind the effort, which has previously failed to gain traction on Capitol Hill…

Trump’s plan will allow current air traffic controllers to keep their healthcare and pension plans. The measure has found limited congressional support in the past, but with efforts to cut government spending and with both the Senate and House being controlled by Republicans, the chances of the measure passing is greater than it has been.

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