Did Trump Just Ask for the Impossible?

If you were asked what would be the most impossible thing that President Donald Trump could ask for, what do you think it would be? Would it be asking Democrats to actually work with him on a major piece of his agenda? If so, then you are right as he just asked Democrats to work with him on his huge trillion-dollar infrastructure plan. While Democrats are good at spending, will they actually work with Trump on this?

President Trump urged “obstructionist” Democrats on Wednesday to work with him on repairing the country’s infrastructure, a top priority that the White House has so far struggled to bring Democrats on board with.

Infrastructure has long been billed as one of the few areas that could receive broad bipartisan support this Congress, with Trump pledging to send a $1 trillion package to Capitol Hill later this year that he had hoped both parties would eagerly embrace.

But Democrats have increasingly lost their appetite to make a deal with Trump on the issue as details about the rebuilding proposal have begun to emerge and as other controversies have besieged the White House in recent weeks…

A number of Democrats have vowed to work against everything Trump tries to accomplish, regardless if it’s the right thing or not. Somehow, I don’t expect Trump to get very much cooperation from congressional Democrats because they are still pouting like two-year-olds over Hillary’s loss last November. They don’t care about the American people or what’s best for them. The only thing they care about is fighting Trump.

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