Trump Extends Date of Travel Ban in Expectation of Supreme Court Ruling


A number of liberal critics have been pointing out that by the time the US Supreme Court makes their ruling on President Donald Trump’s travel ban, that the time table of the executive order will have expired. This is a common stall tactic used by liberals to prevent something from being enforced. However, President Trump took action yesterday to extend the effective date of the travel to start upon the ruling of the Supreme Court, which Trump and his legal staff believe will be in his favor.

President Trump signed an order rebooting the effective date of his travel ban Wednesday to ensure that it still would suspend travel from six predominantly Muslim nations for 90 days if the Supreme Court lifts injunctions that have blocked its implementation.

Trump’s move was intended to prevent the high court from declining to hear the case because it’s already been 90 days since the March 16 effective date of his revised executive order. Opponents of the ban had argued that the elapsed time made the case moot…

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Liberals are probably nervously pulling out their hair, after learning of Trump’s move to thwart their stall tactics. They are also nervously awaiting the ruling of the US Supreme Court. They are hopeful the high court will rule against Trump, like the lower courts have done. One major difference that all of the lower courts that ruled to block Trump’s travel order are well-known liberal courts, but the Supreme Court, with the addition of Justice Gorsuch, is not a liberal court.




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