Trump Disses Wind Energy in Iowa Where Wind Energy is Big Business

President Donald Trump spoke at a rally in Iowa and may have distanced some voters in the process. Green energy, including wind energy is huge in Iowa and in his speech, Trump pretty much dissed wind energy, which contradicts what Energy Secretary Rick Perry just told Congress. Trump did speak of using some green energy in the form of solar panels along the border wall with Mexico. Many are wondering where exactly Trump and his administration stand on green energy.

On Wednesday evening, an evidently gleeful President Trump gave a campaign-style speech in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in which he attacked some of his favorite objects of ire in front of diehard fans, including Democrats, the Russia investigation and the news media. 

Feisty following a Republican winning the fifth special election for a House seat in a heavily contested Georgia seat, Trump reiterated promises to cut taxes, rebuild infrastructure and repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. (Read more from by colleagues John Wagner and Jenna Johnson here.)

But in his meandering speech, Trump, perhaps tellingly, also focused ridicule at wind energy in Iowa, a state where the renewable energy industry makes up a significant portion of the energy portfolio. Only days earlier, Trump’s energy secretary, Rick Perry, delivered a strikingly different message to Congress, telling lawmakers the United States will pursue an “all-of-the-above” approach to energy production…

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Trump has been an outspoken supporter of the coal and oil industry and has taken measures to undo many of Obama’s policies that were destroying these industries. He hasn’t totally abandoned green energy, but does not want to put it on the front burner as Obama did. Although green energy is a good thing, so far, it’s been tremendously more expensive than traditional fossil fuel.




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