Trump Attorney Says Investigation Rumors are Just Rumors

If Democrats and liberal Republicans had their way, there would be dozens of investigations into Donald Trump’s various actions, statements and business dealings, but they don’t have their way. Last week, several rumors began circulating, saying that Trump was under investigation by FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller concerning the Russia probe and possible obstruction of justice, but Trump’s attorney says they are only rumors.

The left has been aflutter this week, pouncing on the purported rumor that President Trump is under investigation by FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

While liberals the nation over have long been indoctrinating their malleable miscreant minions with absurd theories regarding Donald Trump’s fictitious ties to the Russian government in hopes of drumming up support for their impossible impeachment scheme, the truth of the matter is seemingly a much different story.  Before former FBI Director James Comey was fired, it was readily apparent that Trump himself was not under investigation, a fact completely ignored by the mainstream media as they succumbed to the liberals’ canned response to the situation.  Now, even after Comey’s congressional testimony that further confirmed this fact, the left has continued to pretend that the President is taking a hit in Mueller’s ongoing probe.

Once again, this is being revealed as nothing more than leftist propaganda aimed at smearing the President with doubt and conjecture…

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It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that President Donald Trump is under investigation for one thing or another, simply because he has been so controversial and non-political. Trump is the first non-politician president since Gen. Dwight Eisenhower won the Oval Office in 1952-election, and face it, career Washington DC politicians don’t like outsiders going against the status quo and doing what’s needed to be done. That’s why Trump might be under investigation if he is.




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