Toxic Pelosi Touts Her Own Praise

A growing number of Democrats are saying that the Democratic Party has become toxic and since Rep. Nancy Pelosi is the House Minority Leader, some Democrats are saying that Pelosi is also toxic. One such Democrat is Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH), who says that Pelosi is more toxic than even President Donald Trump. Yet, in her typical out-of-touch-with-reality mentality, Pelosi strutted her own praise like the top hen in a hen house, clucking away at everyone in a demonstration of her position, but as in a hen house, fewer are listening.

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was in rare form on Thursday as she sang her own praises and claimed that she was a “master legislator.”

Sadly, for Pelosi, not everyone is as enamored with her as she is with herself.

On CNN, Ohio Democrat Tim Ryan (D-OH) could be heard arguing that Democrats should forget about the Russia stuff, and rebrand their “toxic” image. He also argued that Nancy Pelosi was more toxic than Donald Trump in many parts of the country.

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“I don’t think people in the Beltway are realizing just how toxic the Democratic Party brand is in so many parts of the country,” Ryan told CNN’s Don Lemon during an interview on Wednesday night. Later when Lemon asked if Ryan thought that Nancy Pelosi was more “toxic” than Donald Trump, Ryan responded “honestly.” …

Nancy Pelosi has been toxic for at least a decade. She lives in a world all her own, often being completely out of touch with the American people or what is really happening in the world around her. She has also made it known that she has no intention of ever working with Republicans on anything, regardless of what the American people say. She has her own agenda and the American people be damned. Yes, she is toxic.




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