Top Republicans Urge Trump to Take Tougher Stand on Russia

The issue of Russian interference in last year’s elections was a key point in the testimony of James Comey before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday. Comey and Senators agreed that it was a very serious matter that needs to be dealt with. At the E2 Summit in Park City, Utah this weekend, Mitt Romney, Sen. John McCain and Sen. Lindsey Graham all said they believe that President Trump should take a tougher stand with Russia over the election interference.

With all the controversies, scandals, tough headlines and reported infighting in the White House, it would have been easy for Republican power players speaking at this week’s E2 Summit to vent and bash the Trump administration — but they didn’t.

Those Republicans invited to speak at the annual E2 Summit this weekend — far from Washington in Park City, Utah — have been some of the vocal critics of Donald Trump, but instead of distancing themselves from the president, they instead told friends and colleagues at the event they are cautiously optimistic about his administration and want to help it succeed.

“Don’t you want to help the president? Don’t you think we all should?” Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., asked the intimate crowd of businessmen and politicians from around the country…

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All three Republicans have been public critics of President Trump but all agreed that Trump is doing a good job and that he’s learning to be a good President. McCain acknowledged that Trump had one of the strongest national security teams he has ever seen. All three Republicans say they believe that congressional Republicans can and will work with Trump to accomplish more what he wants to do for America.




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