Tennessee Issues Response to California’s Infantile Travel Ban

California Gov. Jerry Brown is as liberal and flaky as they come. If he had a brain, he would be dangerous. In response to conservative states, Brown issued an order to forbid all state employees from traveling to a number of conservative states. Texas already responded by saying no problem as they have seen many companies leave California and move to Texas, so they are ahead in the game. Now Tennessee has responded to Brown’s childish actions.

Tennessee has responded to California’s temper tantrum travel ban, and it’s great!

In case you are not up to speed, California issued a travel ban to several states, including Texas and Tennessee, because they did not like their LGBT laws. Of course no one is really worried about the travel ban and most have dismissed Cali like the embarrassing uncle of the family.

Federalist Papers reports:

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The so-called “ban” only applies to “non-essential” government travel, and frankly, moralizing from a state that is mired in debt is not something most people pay attention to…

Tennessee’s response was great as they pointed out that it’s okay that California won’t send their teams to recruit Tennessee businesses to come to California, but Tennessee will continue to send their teams to California to recruit their businesses to move to Tennessee. In the end, California, a state already in deep financial problems, stands to lose numerous businesses and jobs to the same conservative states that he is trying to harm.




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