Taxpayers Funding Anti-Trump Group Trying to Take Down President

It’s bad enough to consider the fact that Barack Obama violated more laws than you could list and yet nothing was ever done to hold him accountable for his man crimes. Now, the same liberals that are trying to take Trump from office have been receiving millions of taxpayer dollars in the form of grants over the past 15 years. Something is definitely wrong with this!

The liberal New Fascist movement has been gaining ground in recent months, as leftists continue their violent tirades against President Trump.

What these progressive twerps have been doing is atrocious.  Their vicious assault on the freedom of speech in Berkeley, California was seemingly just the tip of the iceberg, as a plethora of new anti-Trump “resistance” groups have sprung up in its wake.

What’s worse than a band of angry liberals hellbent on taking down the fairly elected leader of the free world?  A government funded group of angry liberals who will stop at nothing to delegitimize and dethroned The Donald…

This is one of the reasons our government has such a huge deficit and cannot afford to do the many things it should be doing. Washington politicians have been too careless with our tax dollars. They need to be held accountable for every penny of our money they spend. Perhaps then they might not be so quick to waste money on such things as liberal activists of nonsense studies.

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