Susan Rice Displays Stupidity in Rant on Probe

Susan Rice is a true Obamanite who seems willing to follow her messiah straight to prison, which is where he belongs. After turning traitor against President Trump, Rice was quickly fired. Now, in reference to ongoing probes, she resorts to typical liberal black activist attitudes by trying to play her sexist and racist cards to discredit her adversaries. However, her maneuver has backfired on her and clearly displays her biased stupidity.

Susan Rice, while working for the Obama administration, took a treasonous path to “resist” President Trump as he prepared to decimate Hillary Clinton in the general election of 2016.  As the businessman-turned-politican was putting together his all-important transition team, Susan Rice illegally and immorally worked to “unmask” those individuals, giving democratic candidate Hillary Clinton preemptive ammunition to sabotage Trump’s picks.  The move, which has been lambasted as one of the slimiest in modern political chicanery, has finally become the subject of an impending investigation.

Rice, however, has been arrogantly indignant in the face of these criticisms, and is now attempting to play both the “sexist” and “racist” card in the case of the long-overdue probe.

“Susan Rice, the Obama national security adviser under fire over her alleged involvement in the ‘unmasking’ of Trump associates during the 2016 presidential election, suggested in a fresh interview that race and gender might be playing a role in the scrutiny she’s faced…

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If Trump and congressional Republicans truly wanted to clean up America and restore it to its greatness, they should launch investigations and file charges against Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Susan Rice and many other members of the Obama administration. I’d have no problem to see them all spending the rest of their lives at Gitmo, where they would no longer be a threat to America.




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