Supreme Court Expected to Rule Soon on Trump Travel Ban

President Donald Trump only wants to place national security at the forefront, something Barack Obama never cared about. Constitutionally, he had the authority to place the temporary travel ban to allow time to improve the vetting system, which under Obama, allowed terrorists into the country. However, a single judge, known for his liberal Democratic activism, decided he had more power and authority than the President.

The Supreme Court could rule within days on whether to lift a temporary stay on President Trump’s revised executive order banning travel from six mostly Muslim countries.

The issue has become a major test of presidential power, especially in the area of immigration. At issue is whether the ban violates the Religion Clauses of the First Amendment, the Due Process Clause of the Fifth and 14th Amendments, and the ban on nationality discrimination in the issuance of immigrant visas contained in a 65-year-old congressional law.

The Justice Department filed the ruling request with the justices late Thursday, also asking that the federal policy be enforced while the larger issues are litigated…

With Gorsuch on the bench, there is a fair chance that the Supreme Court could, (should) rule in Trump’s favor and re-instate the temporary travel ban as a matter of national security. If the Supreme Court does not support Trump’s executive order, then it’s proof that there are more liberals on the bench than we thought.

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