Store Owner Gets 8-Years for Shooting Robber

Many convenience store owners operate on a fairly narrow profit margin, meaning they don’t make a lot of money and often find it necessary to work the store instead of hiring someone else. Such was the case for one store owner in Spanaway, Washington, when a thug walked in and tried to rob the owner of his hard-earned money. The store owner shot and killed the robber. Now, a Washington court sentenced him to 8-years in prison for defending what was his.

A convenience store owner in Spanaway, Washington was sentenced to eight years in prison after shooting and killing a thief in his store. This came just one month after the owner’s wife also had a struggle in the store and was shot by an armed robber.

Min Kim was in tears as he told the judge that he accepts responsibility for what he did. He also apologized for his actions, and killing Jakeel Mason.

It is sad that Mason died, but that he was also a criminal. Given the circumstances, anyone store or homeowner would have done the same. In my personal opinion, Kim should not be going to prison at all. He simply used his rights to protect what was his. If Mason had not been break the law and acting like a thug, then Kim wouldn’t have ever shot…

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This is a gross miscarriage of justice carried out by one of the three flaming liberal and anti-American Pacific coast states. All three coastal state, Washington Oregon and California, favor illegals, criminals and LGBT people more than they favor American citizens. If a hard-working store owner cannot protect himself or his hard-earned dollars from criminal thugs, the message sent is that convenience stores are fair game for every robber, thug and drug addict.




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