States Celebrating Trump’s Rescinding of Obama’s Illegal DAPA Executive Order

Even though Barack Obama was successful in getting many of his anti-American agendas passed, he was still frustrated that several key parts of his agenda never became a reality. One of those was passing absolute dictatorial gun control. Try as he might, Obama could never overcome those who still held to national patriotism and support of the Second Amendment.

Another one of Obama’s frustrations was the failure of Congress to overhaul the nation’s immigration laws. Democrats tried on several occasions, but were always met with enough Republican and conservative opposition to prevent Obama’s plans from succeeding.

In 2012, Obama issued an executive order referred to as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. This action was meant to prevent over 2 million illegal aliens who were brought illegally to the US by their parents when they were children, from being deported. This action not only protected them from being detained and deported, but it also allowed them to obtain work permits, good for 2-years and then renewable, which would also allow them to stay in the US and work.

This wasn’t enough for Obama, he needed more illegal votes, so in 2014, he issued another executive order or memo that is now referred to as Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents, or DAPA for short. DAPA basically extended the protection of millions more illegals from deportation and offered work permits that were good for 3-years before being renewed.

The Obama administration said that DAPA would provide legal protection for about 5 million illegal aliens. Yet, many other sources said the number of illegals protected were over 10 million and that combined with his first executive order, that as many as 15-20 million illegal aliens were given legal protection from being detained and deported back to their home countries.

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Many Republicans, including myself, believed that these actions by Obama were illegal and should have been challenged in court to stop them. The problem is, Obama had filled many courts with liberal judges who rule on agenda instead of ruling on law so overturning his orders were nearly impossible.

However, in 2015, attorneys general from 26 states filed a federal lawsuit against Barack Obama and his DAPA program. The lawsuit stated that the program was illegal and that Obama had violated the US Constitution for bypassing Congress to change a federal law.

The 26-state coalition was led by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. As soon as the lawsuit was filed, an injunction was issued to stop DAPA from giving out the 3-year work permits, however, it was later discovered that the Obama administration continued to issue the work permits after being ordered to stop. Seems that operating within the law is something the Obama administration paid little attention to.

Since the lawsuit was filed over 2 years ago, it has slowly been making its way through the quagmire known as the federal judicial system. This past week, Paxton and the other attorneys general celebrated a victory. No, their lawsuit wasn’t upheld, but rather, the Trump administration rescinded Obama’s DAPA order, removing the legal protection of millions of illegal aliens.

Responding to the good news, Paxton told OneNewsNow:

“The Trump administration now rescinded what we considered – and what I think the courts were going to say – was an illegal action by President Obama as it related to immigration.”

“These are people who knew exactly what they were doing, and so [it’s obviously a problem] for President Obama to basically violate immigration law and say I know the law says you can’t be here, but we’re going to allow four or five million of you to stay and we’re not going to pay attention to what Congress has passed and we’re going to do our own thing.”

“ … The Constitution doesn’t give the president that power. Only Congress has the power to change laws. So, if we allow him to do it, the whole idea of having separation of powers – which our founders so much believed in – was going to be basically eviscerated.”

I guess this means that millions of illegal aliens need to start packing their bags because it won’t be long now and they’ll be heading back home where they belong. If they want to come to the US, then let them do it legally, like thousands of others. It’s about time they stop being rewarded for violating our immigration laws.



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