Sessions Senate Testimony More Contentious Than Comey’s

Yesterday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions was grilled by the Senate Intelligence Committee. While in the Senate, Sessions was the ranking Republican member of the Senate Budget and Senate Judiciary Committees, and worked alongside many of the Senators who were prepared to skin Sessions alive. However, Sessions refused to reveal his conversations with President Trump. He also denied that he had colluded in any way with Russians during the presidential campaign of Donald Trump.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions engaged in highly contentious testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, with Democrats pressing him on his conversations with President Trump related to the investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election. He called any suggestion that he colluded with Russians during the election an “appalling” lie. “Please, colleagues, hear me on this,” he said.

  • Mr. Sessions said he would not discuss his direct conversations with Mr. Trump, saying, that “consistent with longstanding Department of Justice practice, I cannot and will not violate my duty to protect confidential communications with the president.”
  • Senator Richard M. Burr, Republican of North Carolina and the chairman of the committee, said Mr. Sessions’s testimony was his opportunity to “separate fact from fiction.” …

After failing to find anything to convict Trump of after the Comey testimony, Democrats and liberal Republicans were again anticipating finding their smoking gun when Attorney General Jeff Sessions agreed to testify. However, Trump’s adversaries were again disappointed when Session’s testimony failed to give them what they wanted – Trump’s head on a platter.


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