Sensible American Protesters Rightly Interrupt Trump Assassination Play

Not that many years ago, no one would dare produce or perform a play in which they portray the assassination of the current President of the United States. But America has lost its moral pathway and has veered off onto a trail of immorality, liberalism and anarchy. Thus, a Trump assassination play is a reality, until for the second time in a week, sensible and decent Americans protested and disrupted the gross satirical drama.

The radical left has continued their assault on American sensibilities with an unheard campaign to normalize the assassination of President Donald J. Trump.

Even before Trump secured the presidency, there were attempts on his life.  At one of his earlier campaign rallies, a young man was arrested after wrestling with a police officer in an attempt to secure the officer’s firearm and take aim at then-candidate Trump.  Now, as we move into the 6th month of the The Donald’s first term, liberal celebrities and actors are taking it upon themselves to make these heinous sentiments seem commonplace.

Kathy Griffin’s despicable publicity stunt comes to mind, in which the D-list actress and former CNN employee produced a series of photographs in which she was seen to be holding a lifelike facsimile of Donald Trump’s severed head, meaning to emulate an ISIS-style beheading of the President.  Liberals mostly applauded or ignored the gesture by Griffin, proving once again that the idea of murdering the leader of the free world is a flippant affair for many radical leftists…

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If liberal protesters can disrupt political rallies and speeches and protest against conservative speakers, then conservatives have every right to protest and disrupt a play that depict the assassination of President Donald Trump. If the play portrayed the justifiable discrimination of an LGBT person, liberals would be outraged and the play probably shut down. But a play by liberals about assassinating the President, especially after last week’s shooting of Rep. Scalise is supposedly acceptable.  




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