Senate Passes New Sanctions Against Iran and Russia

In a vote of 98-2, the Senate passed a bill that places new sanctions against Iran and Russia. The Russian sanctions are in response to Russia’s continued involvement in the wars in Syria and the Ukraine. The sanctions against Iran are due to Iran’s continued missile tests which are in clear violation of the deal brokered by former Secretary of State John Kerry and White House occupant Barack Obama.

The Senate overwhelmingly passed a bill Thursday that would step up sanctions against Iran and Russia, in the process delivering a rebuke to President Trump’s policies toward Russia and Europe with a veto-proof majority.

The measure, which senators passed by a vote of 98 to 2, includes new sanctions against Moscow over its continued involvement in the wars in Ukraine and Syria, and for its alleged meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Senators struck a deal earlier this week to include the language stiffening measures against Russia’s intelligence, defense, energy, metals, mining and railway sectors to an underlying bill to introducing new measures to punish Tehran for ballistic missile tests and the engagements of the country’s Islamic Revolution Guard Corps…

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Everyone told Kerry and Obama that Iran would never live up to the deal they signed, but, like usual, they had an agenda and refused to listen to reason or to the majority of the American people. Obama continually supported Muslim nations that were enemies of the United States, while he turned his back on our allies like Israel. I still contend that Obama was guilty of treason and should still be tried, convicted and summarily punished for his many crimes against the US Constitution, Congress and the American people.




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