Senate GOP Will Not Restrict Media

Due to the media being so liberal and anti-Trump and anti-Republican, some Senate Republicans had proposed placing restrictions on media access to the Capitol. However, fearing too much backlash from the liberal media if they proceeded to move forward and restrict them from the Capitol building and congressmen.

Senate Republicans on Tuesday quickly backed away from a proposal to restrict media access in the Capitol after an angry backlash from reporters and an emergency meeting between the Senate Rules Committee and the media gallery directors.

Senate Rules Committee Chairman Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) sent out a statement around lunchtime clarifying that there would not be a rules change, only a discussion about how to ensure safety as the Capitol hallways have become more hectic because of growing crowds of journalists.

Shelby announced in a statement that the committee had made “no changes to the existing rules governing press coverage on the Senate side of the Capitol complex.” …

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Frankly, if it were up to me, I would only allow those members of the media that reported the truth without twisting it in the ugly lies we see so often. In other words, honesty and integrity would earn a member of the media access, while those who are not honest and have no integrity, they would have no access.




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