Sanders Urges Socialist Supporters to Take Over Democratic Party

Ten years ago, no one would ever consider a self-professed socialist to be a political power worth attention here in the US, but after 8 years of socialist policies and actions under Obama, things have definitely changed. Sen. Bernie Sanders is a self-professed socialist. He’s one of the few honest Democrats to admit. After the failure in last November’s election, Sanders is calling for his supporters, also socialists, to take over the Democratic Party.

In a speech at the “People’s Summit” convention in Illinois, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) called on his supporters to take over the Democratic Party.

Sanders said the current model and strategy of the Democratic Party is “an absolute failure.”

“The Democratic Party needs fundamental change,” he said.

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The fundamental change Sanders is calling for is a complete move to socialism. Socialism is where the people have no say and become pawns of a dictatorial government. It’s where the government controls everything and everyone. There is no free enterprise. This is what Sanders wants for America and this is what he is rallying Democrats to do, and he’s gaining a lot of support in doing it.




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