San Francisco Shooting Leaves 4 Dead Including Gunman

Liberals across the nation will begin their bogus rhetorical calls for more gun control after a gunman dressed in a UPS uniform shoots three people and then himself, and a gunman shoots Republican Rep. Steve Scalise in Virginia. San Francisco is one of the most liberally run cities in the United States and no one yet knows the motive behind the shooting or who the shooter is.

A man wearing a UPS uniform killed three people and himself Wednesday after opening fire inside a San Francisco package-sorting facility, according to police.

Confronted by police, the suspect shot himself in the head with an assault pistol, San Francisco Assistant Police Chief Toney Chaplin said. The man later died from the self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Two others were wounded in the 8:55 a.m. shooting, Chaplin said, adding police had recovered two firearms from the Potrero Hill UPS building…

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The problem with the gun control rhetoric that is sure to be heard is the both shootings took place in locations that already have strict gun control laws, yet those laws didn’t prevent either of the shootings. Both locations are controlled by liberal Democrats and anti-American sanctuary cities (Washington DC), cities that are intentionally defying and violating federal laws, so what do you expect in relation to crime and violence?




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