Russian Attempted Hacking into Election System Sign We Need Better System

Did Russia interfere in the US elections as many claim or is it just a ruse on which to blame Hillary’s loss and condemn President Donald Trump and his campaign committee? Whether or not they actually succeeded, their attempt to hack into the system and influence the election is a clear sign that we need a better and more secured election system.

This week brought new public evidence about Russian interference in the 2016 election. On Monday, the Intercept published a top-secret National Security Agency document describing Russian hacking attempts against the U.S. election system. While the attacks seem more exploratory than operational — and there’s no evidence that they had any actual effect — they further illustrate the real threats and vulnerabilities facing our elections, and they point to solutions.

The document describes how the Russian GRU attacked a company called VR Systems that, according to its website, provides software to manage voter rolls in eight states. The August 2016 attack was successful, and the attackers used the information they stole from the company’s network to launch targeted attacks against 122 local election officials on Oct. 27, 12 days before the election.

That is where the NSA’s analysis ends. We don’t know whether those 122 targeted attacks were successful, or what their effects were if so. We don’t know whether other election software companies besides VR Systems were targeted, or what the GRU’s overall plan was — if it had one…

It’s ironic that Democrats are the ones screaming that Russia interfered with the US election system when they have tried so hard to block every effort made by Republicans to secure our voting system to prevent voter fraud. They fight to keep the election system open to fraudulent voting and yet condemn others for trying to influence our election. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

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