Russia Threatening to Shoot Down US Warplanes Over Syria

The relationship between Russia and United States took another step towards military hostility over the weekend when the United States shot down a Syrian fighter bomber. Russia, who fully supports the tyrannical regime of Syria’s Assad, has now vowed to track any aircraft flying near their so-called airspace over Syria, and if need be, they will shoot down any plane, including US planes.

Russia condemned the U.S. shootdown of a Syrian Su-22 fighter bomber over Syria on Sunday, saying it will now track aircraft of any kind near its airspace in Syria with surface-to-air missiles.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said it will begin tracking joint coalition aircraft west of the Euphrates River and treat them as targets, officials said in a statement Monday.

The ministry also said it has suspended cooperation with the U.S. on deconfliction zones as it believes U.S. Central Command, the combatant command overseeing the Middle East, violated the memorandum of understanding the U.S. set up with Russia in 2015…

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If anyone believes there was any collusion between Donald Trump and Russia during the election, all they have to do is take a look at what is happening between the US and Russia in Syria. If Putin and Trump were buddy-buddy as Democrats declare, then why is Putin threatening to take military action against the US that could lead to a major war between the two countries?




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